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Architect  [origin: Middle French architecte from Ancient Greek ἀρχιτέκτων (arkhitektōn), “master builder”, from  ἀρχι- (arkhi)-“chief” + τέκτων (tektōn)“builder”).]
 1. a person who engages in the profession of architecture.
 2. a person professionally engaged in the design of certain large constructions other than buildings and the like
 3. the deviser, maker, creator of anything
 4. to plan, organize or structure as an architect

Broadband networks are complex. The technology is esoteric.  It’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts.  A broadband architect fits all those pieces together.

Our deep expertise in mass-market broadband solutions can help you align broadband technology and business strategy.  We can help you define your needs and requirements.  We  can help you avoid pitfalls and unnecessary costs.  We can help guide your technology decisions.  We can augment your architecture team.  We can provide subject matter expertise, insight and analysis.

Mass-market broadband is a completely different animal than enterprise LAN/WAN.  Every aspect, from requirements to cabling to protocol stacks to support systems to security is different.  Tasking a network engineer from IT to architect a mass-market broadband network will inevitably result in avoidable, expensive mistakes.  We have the expertise to help you get it right.

Broadband Access Strategy and Technology